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Benefits of Membership:

Code Development Opportunities – As an International Code Council (ICC) Chapter, members may participate and vote on the development of tomorrow’s codes at the Code Development and Final Action Hearings held during each code cycle. CEOSI sponsors two scholarships to the ICC annual conference as part of the member incentive program.


Discounted Publications – As ICC member you receive the opportunity to take advantage of reduced prices on ICC publications. Members are offered the opportunity to use our Code book recycling program and receive Code books no longer in use from member communities at no cost.


Legislative Voice – Join forces with your fellow building officials to help shape effective state legislation.  Through collaborative relationships with the ICCA (Illinois Council of Code Administrators), ICC government liaisons, and other CEOSI members who actively engage in lobbying efforts at the State and National levels, CEOSI members are kept apprised of proposed legislation, and are able to provide direct feedback as legislation move through the development process.  


Public Relations – As more and more building officials join CEOSI, we can increase public awareness and elevate the profession of code enforcement and highlight its importance in the community. Membership in CEOSI is a way to show pride in your profession to the community.


Professional Development –Through its activities and services, CEOSI officers and Trustees encourage and help all members to enhance, expand, and cultivate their professional abilities. Training is provided with other area inspectors allowing for peer exchange in problem detection and resolution. Outside of our meetings we offer a topic specific electronic message board for peer exchange of questions and answers across our membership.


Training Opportunities – We compile a comprehensive list of training events going on that our member would be interested in. Training opportunities are provided at our monthly meetings and many free training events for our members. Our regular Membership Meetings/Training Sessions cover local topics and discussion among other local inspectors who are actually in the field doing same work. As an ICC Chapter, CEOSI is authorized by the International Code Council to issue Continuing Education Units, which may be needed to maintain professional certifications or licenses. CEUs are offered for training provided at bimonthly meetings and other sponsored training events.


Education Assistance – Membership in CEOSI qualifies its high school student the community to be eligible to apply for one of two scholarships offered each year, to assist students entering a trade/construction profession education program.



Government Membership: Government membership shall be restricted to state, county, city, town, and village units of government with codes of administration and enforcement authority in the State of Illinois. A limit of one per unit.


Associate Membership: Associate Membership shall be any individual or individuals employed by a qualified Government Membership under category “a” as above.


Affiliate Membership: Affiliate Members shall be non-voting members but have unlimited access to any Chapter activity, directly or indirectly related to the codes.


Honorary Membership: Honorary Membership shall be restricted to individuals of distinction who have rendered outstanding service in furtherance of the purposes of the Association, and shall be conferred by a majority vote of the active members in a regular meeting. All honorary members shall be non-voting members but be vested with the privileges of active members.


Click Here to Download 2024 Membership Application/Renewal (fillable)

Click Here to Download 2023 Membership Application/Renewal (fillable)


After downloading application file, fill in all applicable blanks then save or print to pdf (to flatten and make file size smaller).

Mail in completed application with check made to "ceosi" to address on application.

Payment may also be made online by clicking on the "PAYMENT" link.

Completed application may be submitted by email to if paying with credit card. 

Annual Dues:


Government Member - $150


Associate Member - $35


Affiliate Member - $35


Honorary Member - No Dues

Training / Meeting Fees:


Member - $20*


Non Member - $50*


Honorary Member - $0*


First Time Guests - $0*


* Lunch & Beverages Included

*Fees accepted throughout the year will be paid in full and not be pro-rated. First time members to this Association may have fees pro-rated after the beginning of the fiscal year. From May to October, all dues shall be full amount. From November to April, all Government Member fees will be $75 each. Associate Member fees will always be the full amount.


**Each Government Membership includes one individual membership.


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