Current Members

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  1. Dallas Alley, City of Fairview Heights

  2. Eric Andrew, City of O'Fallon

  3. Gary Baker, City of Litchfield

  4. Jeff Blair, City of Fairview Heights

  5. April Blessing, City of Carbondale

  6. Patrick Bourgeois, Village of Glen Carbon

  7. Mike Campbell, Village of Shiloh

  8. Corey Cawthon, City of Carbondale

  9. David Chamness, City of Carbondale

  10. Gary Cranmer, Village of East Alton

  11. Cindy Cregmiles, Jersey County

  12. Brice Dion, City of Carbondale

  13. Mike Ehret, City of Fairview Heights 

  14. Thurman Ferree, City of Edwardsville

  15. Dave Fults, City of Troy

  16. Kevin Gatewood, City of Mt. Vernon

  17. Jerry Green, Village of New Baden

  18. Rockie, Green, City of O'Fallon

  19. Tom Green, City of Fairview Heights 

  20. Steve Haentzler, St. Clair County

  21. Michael Hanna, City of Highland

  22. Grant Hayhurst, City of O'Fallon

  23. Eric Heinzl, Village of Swansea

  24. Mark Hellmuth, City of O'Fallon

  25. Scott Holshouser, City of Troy

  26. Brian Hunt, Village of Glen Carbon

  27. Joe Iliff, Village of Swansea

  28. Stacy Jose, Village of Glen Carbon

  29. Todd Kapp, City of Troy

  30. Kevin Keener, City of Edwardsville

  31. Jeff Ketten, City of Greenville

  32. Tom Kienstra, City of Edwardsville

  33. Stan Kincaid, City of Edwardsville

  34. Nathan Krebel, City of Waterloo

  35. Berry Lampp, City of Carbondale

  36. Becky Leggett, Village of East Alton

  37. John Lenzini, City of Carbondale

  38. Michelle Lilley, City of Effingham

  39. Chris Male, City of Mt. Vernon

  40. Anne Markezich, St. Clair County

  41. Jared McNelly, City of Alton

  42. Jerry McNulty, City of O'Fallon

  43. Scott Meinhardt, The Answerman Inc.

  44. Larry Mensing, St. Clair County

  45. David Miller, Village of Shiloh

  46. Rick Orban, City of Alton

  47. Justin Osterhage, City of Columbia

  48. Tom PajresSt. Clair County

  49. J. Logan Patton, Village of Chatham (retired)

  50. JP Penet, City of Belleville

  51. Lance Phelps, City of Belleville

  52. Richard Piccolo, B & F Construction Code Services

  53. Wanda Piccolo, Building & Fire Code Academy

  54. Randy Rudloff, City of Columbia

  55. Joshua Ruot, Village of East Alton

  56. Derek Russell, Jersey County

  57. Mike Sander, City of Columbia

  58. Jason Schantz, City of Columbia

  59. Timothy Schmitz, ICC Representative

  60. Sam Shaw, City of Alton

  61. Aaron Shook, City of Mt. Vernon

  62. Bob Simon, City of Carbondale

  63. James B. Smith P.E., American Wood Council

  64. Tim Stotlar, City of Marion

  65. Chris Straub, City of Highland

  66. Randy Tedesco, City of Collinsville 

  67. Bill Theismann, City of O'Fallon

  68. Dan Thomas, Village of Glen Carbon

  69. Chad Truran, City of O'Fallon

  70. Brian Van Horn, City of Marion

  71. Mike Varner, City of Alton

  72. Sheri Verstraete, City of Collinsville 

  73. Dawn Voss, City of Alton

  74. Don Voss, City of Breese

  75. Jeff Walker, City of Alton

  76. David Wessel, City of Carbondale

  77. Adam White, City of Sparta

  78. Alex Winkler, City of Charleston 


Illinois has adopted the 2018 IECC

with amendments

Effective July 1, 2019.

Illinois has updated its plumbing code.

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